Sharing the weekend – my most favorite part of the week – with photos, words, or both, as suggested over here at the habit of being.

logged a lot of hours on the mountain this weekend making turns and spending time with great people. along the way and throughout the day, catching up with new and old friends for a run here or a gondola ride there - such a great social activity.

riding the first chair on 1A or catching the ridge of bell in the late afternoon light when no one else is around...these quiet moments in this incredible setting = my skilove!

what is your skilove?


pink, pink, and more pink

showering our friend with love and gifts for the little one she is expecting soon
getting artistic with onesies and fabric pens
enjoying wine and homemade food
savoring the chocolate cake with mint frosting from the local bakery
sharing stories and lots of laughter 

such a lovely evening with some of my favorite girls ::: thanks Sandy and Amy for the great party



Truth and authenticity
Product excellence
Respect tradition

Source sustainably
Produce locally

Luxury is rare and hand crafted
Indulgence is personal and takes a lifetime
Life is to be lived presently and fully

Positively impact the earth and the way people live
Fresh ingredients make all the difference

Build a utopia

Make a commitment
Work with great people

Reputation precedes you
Understand what is happening in the world
Try to make a difference

Beauty is indefinable
Care for your body as well as your face
Beauty can keep you healthy

Take time
Make time
Hold flowers
Flowers hold life

{I found these words here.}


dear george washington,

i think it is pretty cool that there is a federal holiday in honor of your birthday. we got the afternoon off and went outdoors to enjoy a sunny day on the mountain.



little pink houses

These houses aren't really pink ::: they are white or red or purple.

But with my Polaroid SX-70 and Impossible Project PX 70 Color Shade PUSH! film, they are pink.

I am on a serious quest to figure out how to get more color variation. There are some good conversations about this here and here and it seems that I am not the only one experiencing these pinkish tones.  I thought these were overexposed but after reading more, it looks like I have to push it farther and flood it with light. Any other suggestions are welcome...

As pink as they are, they are still quite nice.


insert self here

already got my exercise in for the day with a cross country ski this morning

planned a weekend getaway

putting together some care packages
~ one for my littlest sis who is ill with pneumonia but feeling better each day
~ and another one for my dad who is recovering from knee surgery

printing some images out for a gift to my good friend whose little baby is coming soon

and then, my bed is calling me back to snuggle up, read my book and maybe enjoy an afternoon nap

::: the perfect saturday


L O V E ~ is in the air

with all the love of Valentine's day still lingering in the air, I thought it appropriate to post some of my photos for the Twelve Photography Project today since

the theme for february is: LOVE
february colour inspiration: red, pink and all their hues

enjoy! and check out all the photos entered in the Twelve Project by other photographers here on Flickr

1. love my jenny-dog's pink nose
2. these three letters sit on my bookshelf - they are from old print presses in aspen and glenwood. go hug someone.
3. do you love someone? by joan walsh anglund ::: my mom used to read me this book as a child. I love love love it.
4. my love for old cars, trucks and junkyards runs deep, especially when it is snowing outside.
5. remember these – fortune tellers?


winter storm warning

skinned up the mountain with my girls tonight. the moon was full but hiding behind clouds...early signs of the storm blowing in. hoping to wake up to a winter storm bringing with it lots of powder and fun for the weekend.


sweet southern treat

I have never seen a Mayhaw fruit. But, I have seen a Mayhaw tree.

Last spring we visited my uncle in Tallahassee where he told us all about Mayhaws...interesting thorny trees that grow in wetlands. To harvest this fruit, the farmer waits until the ripe fruit drops off the tree into the water and then collects them from boats.

The little fruits are used to make Mayhaw jelly which is a rare Southern treat, and apparently very delicious. Needless to say, after hearing all about this interesting fruit that day, we went on a hunt for a jar of the jelly. We had to taste it, but unfortunately, we came up empty handed. Being late February, all the jars were long gone off the shelves from the May before.

But this holiday my uncle came through. I just received a jar of this rare find ~ and it was worth the wait. Now a delightfully sweet jelly with a hint of tart greets me each morning in my fridge, begging to be eaten for breakfast. um. ok. yum.



love is everywhere and hearts make me happy ::: wishing you a very happy valentine's day!


eagle eye

This week I traveled along I-70 through Glenwood Canyon several times. Over my lifetime there have been countless drives along this route. I often wonder the number, it must be in the hundreds. To come and go to the Roaring Fork Valley there are limited options.

With each pass through, the canyon shares a new mood. Yesterday the sun was shining brightly and the roads were clear and dry.  On Monday however, the drive was a bit slow and hairy with winter road conditions. Even then, as I rounded the final bend, I was greeted by two bald eagles flying in the snow. Simply breathtaking!

This reminded me of my nick name that my dad gave me as a child – eagle eye. I would sit contently for hours and watch the mountains go by – keeping my eye out for wildlife – and if there was something out there, I would spot it. 



Sharing the weekend – my most favorite part of the week – with photos, words, or both, as suggested over here at the habit of being.

cross country skiing in a snowstorm with jenny-dog 
a photo walk through the junk yard
another chapter read 
a powder day with great friends
scenic views draped in fog and sparkling snowflakes
the most amazing cup of truffled hot chocolate
friends at the house for a super football game 
bratwurst, cheese and MGD
a little celebration for the green bay packers :)


green & gold ::: go pack!

today is the superbowl! as a green bay packer fan, here is my own little way of highlighting today's most important colors. go pack go!

1. my reflection in a train window - prague
2. grapes in napa
3. caribbean palms
4. minnesota loons
5. a cypress-lined tuscan lane
6. corona umbrella, mexico
7. lost man trail, aspen
8. in the san francisco fog
9. italian door at sant' antonio
10. tuscan sunrise
11. blurred meadow taken on a train in germany


homemade = happiness

old & new friends. simple fresh ingredients. passion.tradition. time. fine wine. years of practice. laughter.
homemade = happiness.

many thanks to benjamin, brian and jared! visit these guys over here where they regularly practice the art of food & wine.


below zero

Waking up today to temperatures as low as -20 here in Colorado makes me wish I was at the beach with the warmth of the sun on my skin and sand in my toes.