L O V E ~ is in the air

with all the love of Valentine's day still lingering in the air, I thought it appropriate to post some of my photos for the Twelve Photography Project today since

the theme for february is: LOVE
february colour inspiration: red, pink and all their hues

enjoy! and check out all the photos entered in the Twelve Project by other photographers here on Flickr

1. love my jenny-dog's pink nose
2. these three letters sit on my bookshelf - they are from old print presses in aspen and glenwood. go hug someone.
3. do you love someone? by joan walsh anglund ::: my mom used to read me this book as a child. I love love love it.
4. my love for old cars, trucks and junkyards runs deep, especially when it is snowing outside.
5. remember these – fortune tellers?

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  1. OH, that RED truck. I have been wanting a lens baby, and after seeing these images, I must get one. It is settled.