sweet southern treat

I have never seen a Mayhaw fruit. But, I have seen a Mayhaw tree.

Last spring we visited my uncle in Tallahassee where he told us all about Mayhaws...interesting thorny trees that grow in wetlands. To harvest this fruit, the farmer waits until the ripe fruit drops off the tree into the water and then collects them from boats.

The little fruits are used to make Mayhaw jelly which is a rare Southern treat, and apparently very delicious. Needless to say, after hearing all about this interesting fruit that day, we went on a hunt for a jar of the jelly. We had to taste it, but unfortunately, we came up empty handed. Being late February, all the jars were long gone off the shelves from the May before.

But this holiday my uncle came through. I just received a jar of this rare find ~ and it was worth the wait. Now a delightfully sweet jelly with a hint of tart greets me each morning in my fridge, begging to be eaten for breakfast. um. ok. yum.


  1. Hey, I saw your post randomly on twitter, and since my parents own a jelly factory, which specializes in Louisiana Mayhaw jelly, I click on it. Here is their website: www.mayhaw.net

    It's not as rare as you think, well, not in the south at least. We also have a facebook: Springhill Jelly, find us!


  2. Great! Now I know where to find more! Thanks!