a day in del mar

Ten things to do with 24 hours in Del Mar:
  1. start the day with a jog along the beach - especially if it is a cool foggy morning with blue hues brightening to pink
  2. hit up Crepes & Corks for crepes and a mimosa
  3. hike at Torrey Pines - the contrast of the orange cliffs with the blue of the ocean and the sky is brilliant
  4. stroll barefoot along the beach
  5. eat lots of Mexican food
  6. sit for a while and watch the surfers, dolphins and pelicans
  7. search for sea shells and draw in the sand
  8. pause ::: to feel the sun on your skin, to taste the salty air, and to listen to the sound of the waves
  9. look up to see the palm trees, birds flying by, the hidden colors in the cliffs and airplanes writing "we heart u" in the sky
  10. get a bottle of wine and a good friend, plant your feet in the sand and watch the sun go down

1 comment:

  1. One of the best days ever! Glad I got to share it with you.