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First of all, it is worth noting how much i love my iphone ::: it has changed photography for me ::: now I constantly and conveniently always have a camera at hand and there are dozens of incredibly fun apps to create great photo effects.

Some photo apps I love:
::: Pano
::: CameraBag
::: Lo-Mob
::: Instagram (a very close second)
and of course, my favorite photo app is Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic offers many options for unique expression depending on the lens, film and flash options one chooses. And even if you choose the settings there is always a bit of surprise in the reveal when the photo develops moments later.

I noticed that lately I am continually gravitating towards: lens: John S, film: DreamCanvas, and flash: off. I am loving the saturation of color with the canvas effect and undefined edge of the film.

What is your favorite Hipstaquipment?

photos taken in Napa, San Diego and Aspen

You can also see some of my other pics taken with this app here.

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