the forgotten garden

"It was a garden, a walled garden. Overgrown but with beautiful bones visible still. Someone had cared for this garden once. The remains of two paths snaked back and forth, intertwined like the lacing on an Irish dancing shoe. Fruit trees had been espaliered around the sides, and wires zigzagged from the top of one wall to the top of another. Hungry wisteria branches had woven themselves around to form a sort of canopy. Against the southern wall, an ancient and knobbled tree was growing... It was the apple tree..."(314)

-The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

Just finished this book. All the while as I read the about the vivid scenery of the forgotten garden, I imagined that it must be something like this special walled garden at Dromoland Castle in Ireland.

What a wonderful thing to know to such a place and spend some time everyday within its embrace!

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