not all who wander are lost

Lonely Planet recently blogged a list of the most favorite walking cities. There are many great cities on their list, some I have never been to or need to return to spend more time with. But for me, my heart belongs to two beautiful cities...

There is FLORENCE ::
I love the street artists and musicians,
old men on bicycles and others peering out of windows with beautiful weathered shutters,
laundry hanging in wind,
markets full of flowers and fresh produce,
the Florentine paper,
the sculptures at every turn,
the scooters whooshing by,
the taste of the gelato,
the lovers,
the love padlocks,
the cafes,
the presence of Da Vinci, Michelangelo and so many others,
the sound of the beautiful Italian language...

But then there is PRAGUE ::
especially in the spring
the cherry blossoms on Petrin Hill,
the cafes,
the cobblestone,
the colorful graffiti that somehow belongs here,
the metro,
the cathedral with it's gothic statues,
the impressive castle overlooking the city,
Charles Bridge very early in the morning before the crowds come,
the cemeteries,
the buildings with the orange rooftops,
the art,
the history...

Don't ask me to choose between them, because I love them equally.

I think it might be time for another walk soon. Maybe to somewhere else on the list.

Oh, and I also think you might like Irene Nam's photo walk through Paris - check it out here.

What is your favorite walking city?

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