when life gives you lemons...make limoncello!

My friends Samuele and Georgia live in the cutest home in Sonoma where a Meyer lemon tree grows in their backyard.

For me, I would look at the tree and appreciate it's beauty. I would take some photos of it in the afternoon light and pick a lemon or two to add as a garnish to a cocktail.

But Samuele saw this tree and his instinct was to pick the lemons and make a homemade batch of Limoncello ~ How cool is that! Did I mention he is Italian?

Apparently Samuele made a huge batch this year. He started with 6 liters of the lemon infusion, which means they added another 12 liters of milk - so 18 liters in total of Crema di Limoncello...and as Georgia said "It's coming out of our ears!!!"

Grazie Samu & Georgia for the delicious homemade treat!

Crema di Limoncello
Fresh Meyer lemons (preferably from the backyard)
Grain alcohol (Everclear)  1/2 liter
Organic Whole Milk – 1 liter
White Sugar (superfine Baker’s sugar is best) – 800 grams

Samuele infused the lemon peels (no white parts) in Everclear and stored this in a large glass container in a dark pantry for 45 days.  Once strained, he mixed one part of the lemon/Everclear infusion with 2 parts milk mixture which consists of milk boiled with sugar, then cooled to room temperature. Keep refrigerated and serve cold.

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