Words to shoot by hosted another open entry in April. The word was HABIT, to be interpreted any way one wishes.

I love this concept because I find that some words can strike such a vision in the minds eye where you know exactly what you want to shoot - while others can be much harder. That was the case for me with habit. I found it very easy to think of bad habits but I didn't really want to shoot those. This word seemed more restricting to me than others have in the past, but that is all part of the challenge, isn't it?

In the end I submitted this triptych. I was happy to see that they featured more interesting ones that represent such a broad interpretation of the word. Check them out here. Thought I would show you mine anyway~

seasons change...

more for the Twelve Project

The theme for April is: Our Changing Seasons
April Colour Inspiration: Bright Spring colours

after struggling a bit for inspiration in February and March, this month the photo juices are flowing. It is so refreshing to come out of a long winter into the color and warmth of spring! I was out of town last week where the weather is already warmer and spring is in full force. Back at home in the mountains it is a different story - it snowed three days this week. Even at that there was a beautiful moment when out my window I saw it snowing over a cherry blossoms tree. I didn't get any photos, but it was a beautiful scene. Here is some other cherry blossom love!


Lucky number 7

Today is our little lovebug's seventh birthday. Happy birthday Jenny-dog!


Twelve Project - Changing Seasons

For the Twelve Project

The theme for April is: Our Changing Seasons
April Colour Inspiration: Bright Spring colours

Hello spring. Hello soft beautiful light.


flavors of love

Just look at all that color! The new beta PX680 color film by the Impossible Project is AMAZING and SO MUCH FUN!  I am in love.


my toy camera

I opened my mailbox this week to find that a very good friend of mine, somewhat of a grandfather to me, sent me something very special. This man is a woodworker that has an incredible talent for transforming simple lumber blocks into wonderful wooden toys.  When I was just a little girl he crafted a doll house made from old bowling lanes (we are a bowling family) and among many other toys, he built my brother a wooden train that just this Christmas was handed down to my nephew.

We are great pen pals, writing to each other about life, how we spend our days, the people we spend our time with, the places we go, our interests ::: he knows of my love for photography and somewhere along the way I strongly hinted that I would love a wooden camera made by his hand.

I dreamed of one like this, but Gordy, you have exceeded my expectations. How beautiful is this! I simply couldn't love anything more! thank you. thank you. thank you.


better than a cup of joe

A brisk long walk early in the morning with Jenny-dog is a great way to start the day!



a weekend of many celebrations

Here's to...
great days with & the strong bond of girlfriends
an afternoon dance party
honoring the life of a lost friend
a nice evening out with my husband
the end of the ski season and welcoming spring
knowing change is on its way

Sharing the weekend – my most favorite part of the week – with photos, words, or both, as suggested over here at the habit of being.


she is...

she is kind. she is generous. she is comforting. she makes me laugh. she is adventurous. she is a pioneer. she loves nature. she is silly.  she is a survivor. she is strong. she has faith. she shows her love. she listens. she talks. she shares. she works hard. she has fun. she has courage. she is calm. she is positive. she is talented. she is creative. she is a teacher. she is supportive. she is grateful. she is dedicated. she is patient. she believes in us. she loves life. she is everything I hope to be. she is my best friend.

she is my mom. happy birthday tista!


colour: white

spring color week ended with white. I missed a few days but that was so much fun and I love looking at all the wonderful photography.

See poppytalk's favorites here.



colour: Yellow

it is spring colours week over at poppytalk - check out all the great colors this week on flickr here.

these photos make me want to be back in Austria this time of year!


for your monday

this is my wish for you:

COMFORT on difficult days,

SMILES when sadness intrudes,

RAINBOWS to follow the clouds,

LAUGHTER to kiss your lips,

HUGS when spirits sag,

FRIENDSHIPS to brighten your being,

BEAUTY for your eyes to see,

FAITH so that you can believe,

CONFIDENCE for when you doubt,

PATIENCE to accept the truth,

COURAGE to know yourself,

LOVE to complete your life.


more sweet than bitter

even though I know that spring will eventually prevail, winter has been putting up quite the fight over the last few weeks. from one day to the next or even in the same day, we are seeing sunshine and warm spring breezes turn into the whiteout of spring snowstorms.

the seasons are changing ~ and it is oh, so bittersweet.

and, amanda announced the theme for april for the Twelve Photography Project ::: our changing seasons ::: so you'll see more like this soon.


twelve project - HOME

here are some more photos for the Twelve Photography Project

the theme for march: HOME
march colour inspiration: gold, brown

for me, home is in the mountains among the aspen trees.
And nothing feels more like home than sitting and reading for a while with the perfect cup of coffee while the snow falls outside.

enjoy! and check out all the photos entered in the Twelve Project by other photographers here on Flickr

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