because it is fun

A few days ago I read this post from Susannah Conway about blogging and have been stewing over it. She mentioned her annoyance with all the "happy" blogs out there. Are they really authentic? She challenged bloggers to really be honest - to not be in denial of what is real by always painting the rosy picture of life through their posts.
I may be one of those bloggers that she is referring to, but I thought about it and realized that I am ok with that. I think that people blog for different reasons.
I rarely get too personal. I blog to creatively express myself through my photography and yes, I make a choice to focus on good and positive things. I do not blog to brag or distort my own reality into thinking it is better than it is. I am grateful that I am generally a happy person and I believe I do blog from the heart. I blog because it is fun.

After writing these last few sentences, I went back to Susannah's blog to link her post and found this follow up post. I was glad to see this and found it to be very wise. And Sylvia eloquently said just what I was thinking.

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you like what you see and come back for more from time to time.

P.S.  I am really over this horrible spring weather right now and if it doesn't improve, I am going to go crazy! There, I shared something negative! ;)

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