i love the rain the most...

I am listening to Joe Purdy's song about the rain. A nice tune with great lyrics about loving the rain – the most – when it stops. Isn't that just so true.

In an effort to summon spring and stop all this nonsense of winter weather in the Roaring Fork Valley, I thought I would list out all my favorite things about this season that should already be upon us. I fear that once it really arrives, it won't stay very long before slipping right into summer, but next year maybe it can show up on time and stick around for a while.

longer days
warm days in April when we are still out playing in the snow - spring skiing is the best
early morning and evening light as it stretches out to caress everything in its path
blooms and blossoms
new buds on the trees
the brightest green in every direction
fragrant lilac bushes
the white peaked mountains in contrast with the green rolling hills below
children laughing and playing outdoors
birds chirping
food on the BBQ again
warm temperatures
breezes and SUNSHINE
and of course, the pitter-patter of the rain - especially when it stops.

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