The med

swim in the Mediterranean sea...check!


liberate your art

This summer I participated in a fun postcard swap that I found here at The Kat Eye View of the World blog.

I sent off 5 postcards of my photo art from my love in life series and then SWAP! Over the next few weeks, 5 postcards were sent to me from other artists. I loved each trip to the mailbox to find these creative surprises...

Kat is looking to do another one early next year. Looking forward to it! Give it a try for yourself.

the path

up early to the delight of a beautiful rainbow outside my window
~ it is going to be a great day today ~
out along the path this morning the geese were fly overhead
I fear that upon our return from our trip, fall will have crept up on us
fall is my favorite time of year here, so that's not all bad
but thinking we better live it up in the summer heat of the cote d'azur
counting down the hours until we board the plane... whoop whoop
what lies on this path before us?


the gear

Readying all the camera gear for notre fête. Only 4 sleeps and a wake-up until we go. Getting antsy now...


Earlier this summer I took a photo walk through the Aspen Community Garden. And just the other day I read this quote that reminded me of it.

"If you had to compare your life to a garden, what would you see in it? Dead trees and bushes, stuck in the middle of winter? Weedy? Swamped with too much water? Drought filled? Blooming with a pink dogwood tree, tulips, daffodils and gladiolas? What do you need to cut out of your garden to make it better? What do you need to add? Flowering purple vines, huge pink blossoms with red centers, yellow daisies, bees, butterflies, a tiny turtle, a blue birdhouse and birds. Hope."
-Cathy Lamb, Such a Pretty Face


plant people

"I watched my sunflowers grow in the sunny patch. They're plant people. Any minute they could rip their own stalks from the ground, hop on over, and sit with you for tea at a table under a willow tree...
"...And now, I got it. I got why sunflowers are so...magical. It's because they are plant miracles. Think about them. Flowers with a face that make food. Maybe they're here to remind us to see them. Really see them. To take the time and stare at a sunflower. And be happy that you're alive, and well enough, to do so."
-Cathy Lamb, Such a Pretty Face


the chase

just returned from a morning run. it amazes me how often I forget that this is my favorite way to start the day. rays of light reaching through layers of mountains and cresting over the top to cast a golden glow accross the grassy fields. I ran to the bridge and welcomed the day. I let my thoughts go and float away with the water beneath me. As I headed home, I was aware of the smell of fresh cut grass on the golf course, the intense summer greens of the fields, the blue of the sky, the light, the rhythm of my breath, and then... I caught it – that runner's high. :)



dinner at our favorite little french café
a scenic drive to eagle lake trailhead
a dance in the rolling wildflower fields
a hike through aspen groves, pine forests and grassy meadows
waterfalls and an alpine lake
some unexpected bushwacking
8 hours of non-stop conversation with my girlfriends 
a brown bear crossed our path
discovered an awesome swimming hole which lead to a plunge in the river 
an afternoon nap
the lobster shack
town bikes and nutter butters with ice cream
a rainy sunday
a great book which brought me to tears
some time with my camera
a little photoshop lesson
a lovely sunday evening with my husband

Sharing the weekend – my most favorite part of the week – with photos, words, or both, as suggested over here at the habit of being.


le plan

day dreaming & anticipating...two weeks from today my husband and I leave for France.

We plan to...
swim in the Mediterranean sea
climb up to a medieval hilltop village
photograph the colorful old buildings, weathered shutters and about 1k other new sights
grab a baguette and a bottle of rosé, sit on the beach and watch the sun go down
peruse the markets
track down some lavender and sunflower fields (even though it may be a bit late in the season)
eat great food
live the slow life in Provence
visit the candy store in Aix
capture the light
sit in a cafe for hours and watch the world go by
watch the sun rise and set over the countryside, mountains and sea
hike in the alps
celebrate the love of our friends on their wedding day
enjoy the romance of France together!


the perfect gradient

after dusk and just as the twinkling above starts to glow, there are nights like tonight with the clearest skies, not a cloud in sight, where the perfect gradient of blues reach from the horizon up to the stars. I could stare at it for hours. love that!

p.s. I just ordered the iphone 4G - WAHOO! Now I will have even more fun with iphoneography!


sweet girl

My little niece, A. ::: a whole lotta love.

the power of a handwritten note

Everyone loves getting mail! Ah, the power of a handwritten note. Letters show the personality of the writer...through penmanship & doodles and especially stationery. Letters take time. And letters give that friend a sweet surprise on their next trip to the mailbox. Make someone's day, get writing!


share your passion.

Saw this on the internet today. I like it. Have a great day!


a photobooth in a vw van - Uh Huh!

This is the coolest photo booth ever invented!
What a creative idea - Magnolia Photo Booth Co. is capturing photobooth photos of people all across the country and compiling them into a book to be titled Portrait of America! I love, love, LOVE this project! 
The van made a special stop in Carbondale this week. We might have overused it just a little bit on Friday night... but I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Hysterical!
Thanks Willie & Magnolia!