jenny and dave ::: 9.10.11

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  1. I love them! Seriously-If i didn't want you in my wedding (when/if that day ever comes) I would want you photographing it! They are super fun, and different which is what makes them amazing. They show the real mood of the wedding, instead of just poses.

    Is this most of them, or just a small sampling?

  2. Your hired! Love the boots, the bicycle, the hat and veil in the cabin, the beauty of the outdoors and the fun of the party reception, the T-Bird?, her dancing a fast dance with her dad (also one of my favorites of your wedding!). You could actually feel the excitement, the fun and the love as if you were actually there. And then the still shots, the license, the glasses, the date, the flute, and the hats (got to love the two hats!) completed the story. I really felt the emotions of the day. From the love (the two standing against separate walls in the cabin--love the shadow effect) to the closeness. You got it all! Great Job! (can you tell I am excited about them?)

  3. you officially have a new side career as a wedding photog! love all of these fun images, memorable moments, clever perspectives and the variation of color.

    brava, jjj!

  4. I love the photos Jess!!! You really captured the day. It made me want to be there! Like Stef said I would have hired for our wedding but I NEEDED you in it! Love you!