happiness revealed

was watching this beautiful video, happiness revealed by Louie Schwartzberg, the other day, then later went out on an errand, looked up and saw this heart floating through the sky...

"...look at the sky, we so rarely look at the sky, we so rarely note how different it is from moment to moment with clouds coming and going. we just think of the weather and even of the weather we don't think of all the many nuances of weather, we just think of good weather and bad weather. this day, right now, this unique weather may be a kind that will never exactly in that form come again, the formation of the clouds in the sky will never be the same that it is right now. open your eyes, look at that..."



grateful for important things like ~
my husband who keeps me laughing, challenges me and supports me
my incredible, super awesome, fun-loving & crazy family and friends
a home in one of the most wonderful places on earth that constantly surprises me by its ever-changing beauty
a job that exposes me to the finer things in life, travel and passionate & creative people

and for the little things like ~
the shooting star I saw last night &
unexpectedly getting the afternoon off to go out and play
happy day before thanksgiving...


on the move

changing seasons
the geese are on the move
& the snow is coming...


photobooth friday

a few shots from earlier this summer when the Magbooth westfalia photobooth van came through town. I still laugh out loud every time I look at these. happy happy friday!



a winterizing, organizing, sorting, purging and rearranging sort of weekend
a skin up the mountain with a great group of friends, 3 dogs and Chrissy's 8 mo. baby belly (you go girl!) 
the perfect sunshine donut hole at the summit with the storm lingering all around
Jenny-dog hopping around in the deep snow and expressing her happiness for winter
the season's first powder turns
remembering how good skinning is for the soul
the threat of a BIG snowstorm that never came
but stormy enough weather to feel ok with hanging around reading on the couch for hours
tea time and cinnamon buns
a visit with my niece and nephew
quality time with RHR
power yoga, opening, surrendering

Sharing the weekend – my most favorite part of the week – with photos, words, or both, as suggested over here at the habit of being.


collection or obsession

Went through my winter ski hats today. I think i may be obsessed. I have a lot of hats ~ different styles & colors, some for fashion (the pompom ones get me every time), some for function. But, with at least 90 official days of winter, a girl has got to have a wide variety, right?


first snow


showering baby shine with lots of love... can't wait to meet her this december
and the little host, oliver, sneaking some frosting... WARNING! cake causes huge smiles



press play to be awed, goosebumps guaranteed.


R&G Sayulita (Say-u-a-luva) Wedding

Rachel and George's wedding, Sayulita, Mexico, October 21, 2011