one love

one love for the great energy in town this weekend with Winter X ::: one love for the awesome sport of skiing and how it filled my Saturday with joy ::: one love for the outdoors and life in the mountains ::: it feels alright


when less is more


waiting for the snow
some quality time with little Adelyn ~ rocking and watching her sleep
and then it began... and the next morning was...
white and frozen and quiet
it is official, winter is here
two bald eagles frolicking in the wind
happy skiers frolicking in the deep powder
the energy was high for Aspen loves snow
I don't remember the town ever looking so beautiful

Sharing the weekend – my most favorite part of the week – with photos, words, or both, as suggested over here at the habit of being.



epic colorado day. powder and sunshine. perfect frozen aspen trees.
love, love, love winter ~ especially on days like this!


the bright side

Only in the darkness can you see the stars
- Dr Martin Luther King Jr.


a love affair

For me and photography it was a big year of continued growth. I photographed simple things, new places, weddings, moments & people. I explored new cameras and lenses, used instagram daily, and had a love affair with polaroid film and cameras. Let's chat a bit about my intense enthusiasm for these old boxy cameras, shall we...

While it is the truest form of instant photography, I would say the meaning of instant isn't quite the same in today's world. Now, with immediate digital feedback, there is an added joy in the anticipation of waiting three to five minutes for polaroid film to develop. Unfortunately, there are the disappointments, and there are plenty of them, ones that don't turn out the way you envision, but for every 10 of these, there are the best ones - the happy mistakes - where what you wanted is there, and more... something else unexpected and magical happens with the film or the light and makes it even better than you imagined. And were this not enough, it is the special soft focus that is possible with polaroid film that makes me melt.

So, thank you Polaroid for teaching me to slow down, to be more selective, to think about composition and help me embrace patience, thank you Impossible Project for the continued work to recreate these special films, thank you to the polaroid photography community out there that I love to follow and am so inspired by, and thanks to you for visiting my blog and providing me with a space to share. With that, here are some of my favorite polaroids of 2011.

1. cafe chairs, gordes, france. 2. lac d'annecy, france. 3. empty bottle, napa. 4. a bowl of cherries, home. 5. two aspens in fall, aspen, co. 6. shuttered windows, villefranche sur mer, france. 7. sunrise in napa. 8. beach fog, del mar, ca. 


the wonderful white fluffy stuff

after quite a drought or delay of the season, huge glorious snowflakes slowly and steadily fell throughout the roaring fork valley last Saturday. Sunday morning the energy was high, and no matter your age, everyone headed outdoors to play in wonderful white fluffy stuff. beautiful blanketed scenery filled our eyes, all was quiet except for the occasional hoot and holler of excitement and big smiles spread across our faces. we built a snowman, made snow angels and admired the sparkles in the air. As I skied my first run of the season, i screamed Florence & The Machine in my head..."happiness hit her like a train on a track!" - cuz it was hitting me - that hard. so nice to see winter is back!



we found lots of laughs and giggles with these ~ mustaches = silliness

one december day

lacking snow for our christmas visit to utah this year, not like last year. it is ok, we enjoyed the great outdoors in a big field for kicking soccer balls, doing cartwheels and running around in the sunshine!