the wonderful white fluffy stuff

after quite a drought or delay of the season, huge glorious snowflakes slowly and steadily fell throughout the roaring fork valley last Saturday. Sunday morning the energy was high, and no matter your age, everyone headed outdoors to play in wonderful white fluffy stuff. beautiful blanketed scenery filled our eyes, all was quiet except for the occasional hoot and holler of excitement and big smiles spread across our faces. we built a snowman, made snow angels and admired the sparkles in the air. As I skied my first run of the season, i screamed Florence & The Machine in my head..."happiness hit her like a train on a track!" - cuz it was hitting me - that hard. so nice to see winter is back!


  1. That first photo is absolutely classic! Love it!

    1. Thanks! it is my nephew enamored by the sparkling snow and I just love it!

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