for leap day

for leap day ::: sometimes you just have to  J U M P!


walk with me

i mentioned earlier that i am taking an online ecourse to learn how to create time capsules. our first assignment was to create a slideshow while considering many wonderful new tips and techniques.
...so, jenny and i went for a walk. won't you join us...watch it below (password: walk)

password: walk


happy saturday

learning something new today with stop-frame animation and animated gifs which I hope to show you soon.
hope you enjoyed your saturday. the sun was shinning and it was lovely here.


that face

grateful, oh so grateful for this sweet companion of ours. for all the hikes in the snow or in the sun or in the rain, for all the cuddles she shares and all the smiles she creates...always brightening our day with her presence – this is jenny-dog – with a face that makes me melt!


it's on

the planning has begun, the troops have been gathered...we are heading back to the beach, to the salt water, to the sand, to the sun... not for a while yet, but soon.  something fabulous to look forward to..
with this on the mind...here is a beach series i have been working on... editing with some slight textures from the lovely kim klassen collection...
from the pacific to the atlantic to the caribbean...I am daydreaming...


be mine

May you feel the love and spread the love today! Happiest Valentines Day ~
(also thought you might enjoy these hearts in nature here... or this expression of love in 15 languages here...)



some time at home
photo-editing and blogging with my favorite tunes playing in the background
the longing to be with my girls in HH
a meeting for a friend's special day in June
some ski shop hang time
double doubles with the six of us ~ finally
closing a door, and opening a window
a long walk up the pass with jenny-dog
a flat out blizzard
snow-covered dog, snow-covered me, snow-covered camera
snow-covered EVERYTHING
some shots for words
at the movies
tea each afternoon to warm me up
making my way through a good book ::: Loving Frank

Sharing the weekend – my most favorite part of the week – with photos, words, or both, as suggested over here at the habit of being.


open spaces

Enjoyed the open spaces of Routt County this week when I traveled over to Steamboat for work. So different from the valley we live in. The tones of the long dry grasses & fence lines mixed with the white snow and bright blue sky were lovely. I added a bit of pink while editing this morning, maybe it is that valentine's day spirit coming up inside me with the holiday here next week. Happy Saturday ~

for the kid in all of us

sledding and superbowl last weekend


simple moments

I take a lot of photos. a lot. So after stumbling upon this incredible video of the Highline in NYC by Xanthe Berkley – I was inspired! What a great way to compile and share. And video! I didn't think of it this way! But the movement is spectacular. I love how she alternates between still and motion to capture so much emotion within the same moment.

I decided to give it a try for myself and created this little ditty of my parents with their grandchildren (my niece and nephew). I have a lot to learn. I realize that the content is the most important element, but really, it is pretty easy to put it all together. Xanthe is offering an online ecourse called Creating Time Capsules which yes, I will be signing up for. :)