emma's turquoise house

beautiful turquoise shades of the old victorian home in emma, colorado. built in the 1880s and uninhabited for the last 40 years, it is about to get some lovin. but oh, how i love the chipped paint, cracks and visible age just the way it is...and that cowboy hat was just hanging there on the covered porch, for who knows how long.

hAppy to know u!

Happy to know you, happy to know all about you! sweet girl Adelyn.


hello fabulous!

this week brought the first day of spring. the shadows are longer and the light stays later. i really noticed its presence on my drive home tonight as the sun lit up the fields and spring announced, yep, I am back.


the farm

beautiful spring day. such a treat to be home. to take the morning and go up to the farm. to walk. peace and quiet. smells of spring. the sounds of sandhill cranes in the distance, geese flying overhead, the variety of birds calling, sticks crackling under our feet, the wind whistling through the pines - mom calls this the sound of the wind of the chapel of the pines. we looked up and down. we listed to the land and to our family's stories. we felt the wind and the stillness. buie running free and loving it. to be with the girls. we walked, we paused, we talked, we laughed, we captured moments, we admired the view, we strengthened our bond. what a special day.

the video time capsule below gives you a glimpse into our day and gives us something to cherish for years to come – for days like these are ones to remember.


just as real.

I was at home in Wisconsin this weekend and on Sunday we went out to the farm - my great aunt and uncle's farm. Oh, how I love them dearly and how I love this place. I love to hear their stories...to watch them work this land, knowing it has kept them young. She knows the sound of every bird and every squeak and every shuffle in these parts. And today, she told us that if we were lucky and if we listened closely, we might hear the sandhill cranes that had come back for their annual visit. Just then we heard them in the distance.

Then we walked... into the woods and along the ponds, into the meadows and all around. My mom, my sis, and me. The walk was relaxing and calm. No where to be but here. Watching the grasses sway. Admiring the lovely tones of the trees and the soil and the sky. Listening to the sound of the wind of the chapel of the pines. In this quiet place - a sandhill crane flew right overhead, all the while calling out loudly. It would have been hard to miss him actually. And we knew this was a special moment, a special day.

I can't wait share more of this day and I will soon... but for now, more about the cranes...

On my flight home I was continuing to read Loving Frank by Nancy Horan. It is the story of Frank Lloyd Wright's life and at this point in the book, the characters were in Wisconsin. I honestly read only one page before coming upon this part of the story:

"Beyond them was a meadow of grass and, here and there, pools of standing water. A dozen gray sandhill cranes, their heads capped in red, stood in the great puddles. Two cranes were just landing, descending from the sky with their wings wide and their long skinny legs hanging down, like parachutists. The cranes in the water threw their red skulls back and called out.
... "Mamah had the field glass to her eyes. "I like to think about how they only know what they know."
John stared at her blankly.
"What I mean is, they probably don't care a whit about people. We're ants to them, at best. They don't know anything about governments or cooking or newspapers or religion. What they see is water and fields and sky. They don't have words for them like we do. Yet they know them. And they know among themselves all kinds of things that we don't know, things about the wind, and how to find the places along the way that they return to every year. Maybe they have a language we know nothing about. Their experience of this planet is completely different from ours, but it's just as real."

It is funny how that happened. How I saw my first sandhill crane in Wisconsin, only to read about them the next morning in that book. Just one of life's simple reminders that I was exactly where I was meant to be. 


photobooth friday

with my nephew, Malcolm. Man I love that kid! TGIF!



I feel it coming, rising up around me. Lots going on in all directions. I will weave my way through it.
I will breathe. I will enjoy the ride. I will keep calm and carry on. I will restore the balance.


happy weekend

a friendly little reminder to stop and smell the flowers, hug someone you love, be grateful and enjoy the present moment.
hope your weekend was as nice as this little jar of daisies.


in tune

my lucky husband is up in canada this weekend where he is playing in winter's wonderland. today he took a picture of a tree and posted it to path. i am home in colorado. while i was riding the chairlift today I took a picture of a tree and posted it to instagram. tonight, i noticed that we had taken nearly the exact same picture.

how ever far apart, we are so in tune. love that. love him.