You can't always have happiness, 

but you can always give happiness.

-another one of those wise anonymous people



a spring photo walk among the blooming trees
polaroid love
sunshine and warmth
QT with my hubby
resting the broken ankle
campfires and bbqs
a walk at emma farms with tom meeting the waygu cattle, seeing his world, sharing his everyday life
editing photos from a winter wedding
more downtime and relaxation
the joy of reaching 10000 views and today's 200th post here at shutterluv - thank you for being here!


my girl

Our little lovebug turns 8! Happy birthday Jenny-girl.


as expected

blankets of blossoms and snow...

yes, the snow came, all 13 inches of it. drove through a gnarly storm last night but woke to this sweet beauty. it is the last day of ski season today and after an incredibly dry winter, this powder day is not salt in the wound, it is just a good way to go out! happy sunday.



spring is here, unlike last year when it was well into may and winter just wouldn't give way...
it is the mountains, so maybe it won't last but for now there is sunshine, budding trees, and warm breezes.
heading to california tomorrow where there will be much more of this ~ looking forward to it.

::: wishing you a wonderful easter :::

p.s. you might enjoy a glance at this