the dock

heading back to the cabin this weekend
planning to spend some quality time on the dock
it calms me just thinking about it
the anticipation is so sweet


snuggles of love...my sweet niece


fire in the sky

I remember a night in early summer
the sparrows were swirling
the sky lit up with such intensity
we laid on our backs...just watching
just present

bookending the summer
tonight's sky was the same...

geese flying through an intense pink sky in August

sunset in Basalt, August
sunset self portrait, August evening

sunset self portrait, August evening

sparrows still playful up above
and the geese joining in, soaring high on their way somewhere far
if we only would have known all that would happen, all that could happen, in just a summer
and still
just present
and holding tight



a thousand golden rays

a sunflower field ::: a thousand golden rays
brightening the day
summer is winding down and change is in the air

isa & the alfalfa


for roid week

it is that time of year again - Roid Week on Flickr
nudging me and my trusty 600 to get out and about
to capture the essence of summer
brilliant dahlias
summer's bounty - our produce box from this week's CSA delivery
and good old golden sunflowers in the evening light
ah, polaroid, how I adore thee...


on the trail

took a long walk with a great friend
from aspen to crested butte
on the west maroon trail
my senses were overflowing
the intense scents of the forest and fresh air
the sound of the breeze through the trees and the playful birds overhead
the incredible lighting
and stunning views
a great way to spend a saturday


shine on

saw this on the web today. I like it.


i see hearts

colorado often gives the gift of glorious sunsets
and this summer the colored skies have been a plenty
but there is something more here...
do you see it? tucked in the dark cloud -
the little window in the shape of a heart
or is it just me?
am i seeing hearts everywhere
because i am focused on the heart
because i am thinking a lot about love these days
because of my new perspective
all i know is this
i am so very grateful

a very good visit

it has been two months.
time has never felt so intangible.
i went to visit you at the beautiful spot where you left us.
i walked under the bridge and along the railroad tracks.
i found these sweet heart rocks as i thought of you.
i took them up to the shrine and placed them there.
and a little black and white butterfly visited with me,
flying all around me and finally resting right next to you.
it was nice to feel your presence.
i miss you so very much.


summer's favorite refreshment

with a twist...lavender lemonade - delicious.
not to mention, the house smelled wonderful after soaking the lavender.