catch the updraft

yes, this is often times a photoblog ::: but not today.
only the image in my mind.
last sunday. it was an epic fall day. it was something like this.
my favorite time of year.
on one of my favorite hikes in the valley.
with one of my favorite people.
we were crossing a high mountain meadow
with aspen trees all around us ::: yet nowhere near us.
and we both saw it at the same time.
the golden glimmers in the air.
against the darkness of the valley below
against the brilliant blue sky
gold aspen leaves dancing on a breeze.
as if they had fallen from trees that were not there.
it must have been an updraft.
collecting leaves from the trees below, across the valley, from the left and right
and carrying them high
before letting them go
placing them in the sky above us.
yet the air was perfectly still.
we were in a snow globe of gold glitter.
time seemed to slow
and i knew this was one of those colorado moments to remember.
can't wait to get out there in the fall colors again this weekend.
happy friday.

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