some days all you have to do is smile. :)
how amazing is this new truly impossible film from the impossible project. so exciting.
happy weekend.


here i am

thirty-eight. it was my birthday this week.
another year older and for the first time ever, i actually kinda feel like it.
this year feels different.
not really but sorta.
i still imagine i am in my twenties... (until i look in the mirror and say oh yeah, no you're not)
but a bit more grounded,
more trusting of the path ahead,
and very grateful.
so here i am.
much more to do.
looking forward to a great year ahead.
i say - the best year yet.



fall hikes, rainy days, foggy mornings, hanging with family, in the studio and more. my favorite month of the year.



so this happened on saturday - yay for  R A I N
it was the kind of cold fall day that makes you want to cozy up indoors
or spend some time in the ceramics studio
or the yoga studio
but then it gave way
fighting the fog and clouds this morning
the light playing in the mist - quite beautiful
and so back outdoors for some fall fun
with tilly and ian
the alpine slide and a gondola ride
lots of smiles and laughter
a nice early birthday present

taking flight


the rising sun

whatever it is you are seeking, just like the sun, it is already rising within you.


gone with the wind

not completely gone, but mostly
the wind has been blowing
pulling the aspen leaves down
piling them up on the forest floor
if only it could last a bit longer
today, I searched for the remaining pockets of gold
and then I stood there, waiting
watching the leaves flutter and then let go
and float down over me
there is just something so amazing about this feeling
i love living in a world that has octobers


photobooth friday

dina and me with dad. remembering his great smile and that funny face he always made and missing him greatly.