bonus day

it can be kinda fun when I wake up in the morning and expect to go to work, but life has different plans...and instead I get a bonus day at home with my little one :)


fall colors week

it was a fall colors week at poppytalk
golden. red. grey. brown. orange. blue. 
perfect timing as mother nature offered a bit of change that week
brilliant fall colors and blue skies contrasted by grey days and the simplicity of snow's blanket
here is some of the color i found this fall

check out the favorites compilation by poppytalk over here
or explore all the contributions with the hashtag #fallcolors2013 on Instagram



saturday mornings with the little man = love.
cold fall walks.
busy social schedule.
baby play date.
the big play.
and quality time with each other.
weekend time is ever so much more precious these days.
and yet it seems to go so fast.

weekending. my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just be. sharing with photos, words, or both, as suggested over here at the habit of being.

these two.

these two.
ya know when two people are just right for each other.
yeah. that is what they are.
congratulations ~ can't wait for the big day.


you are missing from me

Whenever I see the full moon, I miss you
When I see the frost glimmering in the morning light, I miss you
As we work to make our new house our home, I miss you
As I "try" to hang a shelf up in Charlie's bedroom, I miss you
When I think of crafts I want to make with wood and birch bark, I miss you
As I make your famous salsa recipe, I miss you
As I watch the aspen leaves fall from the trees this fall, I miss you
When I drink my morning coffee in your trout mug, I miss you
When I see heart clouds in the sky, I miss you
When I look in Charlie's eyes and wish he could have known you, I miss you
(…and that was just the past few days).
All the time, I miss you
Happy Birthday Dad!


we will always have this

when he was just four weeks old, we set off for up north
for 22 days
others came by
cousins, grandparents, siblings
bald eagles, dragonflies, loons, and a few too many mosquitos
there were glassy waters, brilliant sunsets, breezy afternoons
and here at the lake
we really got to know each other
so much love
many fond memories
such a wonderful place
we will always have this


days to remember

an epic ending to an epic day...
all the wonderful things we love about ely
all in one day
just the three of us and our dog
hours logged on the dock
a visit to listening point
the chocolate moose
the wolves
farmers' market
golden light at the end of the day
sauna or two
and a jump in the lake at sunset
only thing missing was a paddle along the kawishiwi ~ something for tomorrow
these are days to remember


stepping onto cloud 9

up north this morning...thick fog on the lake
it was like stepping onto a cloud ~ cloud 9 actually
where we have been since the arrival of our little one
and then to make it even better, the great blue heron flew by


7 lbs of pure goodness

exploring unknown realms

“Some things cannot be spoken or discovered until we have been stuck, incapacitated, or blown off course for awhile. Plain sailing is pleasant, but you are not going to explore many unknown realms that way.” -David Whyte

saw this quote on instagram yesterday from another new mom and loved it. 



summer's arrival
visitors over the 4th of July
peonies in the new front yard
gorgeous sunset walks
and best of all, our little one is here to join the party