George Frank Jay
born at 9pm 12/12/15
5lbs 11oz, 18 inches

how quickly a month can go by. he arrived three and a half weeks early. we were walking along the rio grande trail with Charlie and Jenny when the painless contractions started. they came on slowly and stuck around all afternoon and around 5pm got to be just a few minutes apart. at 6 we went to the hospital to check things out ~ not thinking that we would be having a baby that evening and then with about an hour's notice, it was on. it has been three plus weeks of the triple-threat feeding plan, oxygen tanks, sleep deprivation, super cold January weather, Charlie's cold, coughs, climbing out of his crib and giving up his naps... but it has also been a wonderful month with our new addition, christmas, family in town, winter walks and lots of love and happy moments all around. we are very grateful.