coastal hues

not going to lie...we had a rough time in Florida.
tried to tie a few vacation days in with a work trip
wound up with a trip to the ER, technical difficulties, bad timing, the heat, the rain and list goes on.
but thankful that there were at least a few fine moments.
in this beautiful place.
and, it's always nice to see the ocean.
now, I am so glad to be home.


Pop! Bang! Whoosh! Zing! Pow!

wow ~ what an awesome week
lots to celebrate
there were fireworks, champagne, balloons and bubbles!
::: happiness


a boy and his dog

best buds :::
often found cuddling
sharing kisses
and sleeping side by side


little FJR

perfect timing
perfect everything
welcome to the world
sweet little F
you are one lucky girl
so happy for my dear friends



in full bloom

not even sure what kind of tree this is ~
but it is absolutely spectacular
there must be over a thousand flowers
every branch is covered
with layers and layers of tiny pink rosettes
you can smell it down the block when the wind blows just right
feeling so lucky to have this on my street to greet me each morning
spring is here, Colorado
and it is in full bloom


the gift and the joy of expecting a baby
it sure is some kind of wonderful
it makes me so happy to see such a great friend
looking so lovely, so fulfilled, so happy!
only a few more days until your little one arrives R.