stop growing

as our friend Annie always says
"no growing, don't you grow"
and Charlie turns around and replies with a proud smile
"I am going to grow!"
how does it happen so fast though...



my beautiful little sister is having a baby
the joy in her eyes is so lovely
can't wait
love love love


one for the books

when you take three best friends
add their husbands
add their kids
and add a week at the beach
you get lots of smiles, happiness, and lasting memories
of hours on the beach digging holes and building drip castles,
conversations on the deck, epic sunrises,
bike rides, alligators, lighthouse visits and ice cream cones
and if your lucky...even a leatherback turtle sighting
oh yeah, and some major meltdowns, sickness and other challenges of course ;)
let's do this every year


by the lake

a great visit home
snowstorm strolls by the lake
a walk around far field farm
downtime with family
great meals and fireplace conversations
in the cold midwestern winter


another pretty storm

hoar frost on the mountain
leaving it white white white
and oh, so pretty


simple joys

the simple joys of playing in the snow and sunshine

our whole world

Charlie and George
ages 2.5 years and 1 month