thank you ullr for sticking around
a happy day in the snow


low tide

my favorite february getaway
my favorite girls
my favorite little boy
my favorite low tide beach
my favorite moments


in our backyard

grateful | respectful | playful
every single day


that one weekend in October

a girls getaway
no agenda
just sunrises,
pool time,
great food,
great friends
and a few celebrations
looking back now...it all seems like a dream


small house, big love

a miniature work of art
made with big love
and patient hands
it took three years to create
Gordy made the house of bowling lanes
and all the details inside were created by Diane
a wonderful memory of such a loving, creative, amazing lady ~



coastal hues

not going to lie...we had a rough time in Florida.
tried to tie a few vacation days in with a work trip
wound up with a trip to the ER, technical difficulties, bad timing, the heat, the rain and list goes on.
but thankful that there were at least a few fine moments.
in this beautiful place.
and, it's always nice to see the ocean.
now, I am so glad to be home.


Pop! Bang! Whoosh! Zing! Pow!

wow ~ what an awesome week
lots to celebrate
there were fireworks, champagne, balloons and bubbles!
::: happiness