winter blues

winter blues
oh no, not the kind you might first imagine.
but the beautiful blue skies that contrast with winter whites
and the blue tinted light that appears at this time of year
and even my ski jacket
::: a season to remember :::
the 20-year storm
and many other epic days

she sells seashells by the sea shore

thinking back to last weekend
that long-awaited day at the beach
colorful seashells and beach umbrellas
azure waters and vibrant sunsets
dolphins swimming by and pelicans flying over
light breeze and warm sun on my skin
with a foot of snow in the forecast tonight, I am wishing I was still there


let the sun shine on

panning the ocean and sunset skies in naples, florida last weekend


tweet. tweet.

happy that these sweet little birds have made their winter home in the trees outside our living room window,
chickadees, snow birds, morning doves, jays and more.
we set out some feeders and have been enjoying their daily visits and vibrant activity.
my hubby and I even got each other the same valentines gift without even knowing it ~ heart-shaped birdseed from ACES.
so cute. tweet. tweet.
happy weekend.


peas and mangos

peas and mangos. bitter and sweet.
life can be tough.
and life can be great.
i guess we are all just trying to find the balance.
i try to always be grateful, celebrate the little victories
and trust the path that life takes us on.


winter break

a holiday in hilton head
and while i wish the ice storm hadn't come through
with the cold rain and high winds
and while i wish we could have taken more walks
and spent more time at the beach
we did have a few nice days
and the reality is
that with just one morning
of breathing the salty marshy air
of seeing the calm waters of the atlantic
of watching the sun rise
of feeling the warmth on my skin
and of sharing this place with our little one
it was enough